Frequently Asked Questions

FoundFast is a dynamic platform designed to cultivate entrepreneurship and creativity.

We host monthly startup competitions open to everyone, no matter the industry or stage of your idea. FoundFast allows you to validate your startup ideas quickly through crowdsourced voting and feedback, with the winners getting cash prizes and the opportunity to meet with our Investment Committee to plan their next steps.

Turn your daydreams into reality and start your entrepreneurial journey with us today!

The competition consists of two rounds.

In the first round, you submit a basic description of your idea, including the name, concept, team, and business model. Users then vote and provide their own feedback.

The top 20 ideas proceed to the second round, where you expand on your concept by providing more information. 

Once again, these ideas are put to public vote.

The second round is closed to outside submissions.

FoundFast is open to everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or someone with a dream, we want your ideas!

All users of the FoundFast app can vote on the ideas submitted during the competition. There are two rounds of public voting, with the top 20 ideas from the first round moving on to the second round.

Submit your concept effortlessly on our app. Enter a valid email address – we’ll use it to communicate next steps in the competition.

If you’re eligible for additional prize cohorts (e.g. schools), use the related email to ensure we can find you.

Your innovation journey begins with FoundFast.

You can submit up to 3 concepts per user per month, as we want every idea you submit to count. If you’re bursting with more ideas, we look forward to seeing you back next month!

Not at all! FoundFast welcomes ideas for all industries.

Our general competition cycle is purposefully non-industry or theme specific to encourage creative thinking in any direction.

We encourage you to take the feedback you received and refine your concept for resubmission in the next cycle.

The top 3 winners receive a no-strings-attached cash prize, to do with as they please.

They also get a chance to meet with our Investment Committee for further idea development and growth planning.

Of course! You can participate in as many competition cycles as you want. Refine your concept or try something completely different, the choice is yours!

FoundFast is built on the basis of openness and collaboration, and we believe that great companies are built not just on a great idea, but also great execution.

However, we also understand that users may worry about people stealing their ideas. We encourage all users to share their ideas in a manner that is comfortable for them, such as avoiding sharing sensitive information or specific proprietary details that could potentially jeopardize their concept’s uniqueness.

FoundFast isn’t just another pitch competition, it’s a platform designed to empower anyone with a great idea, and encourage creativity in all our users.

We provide a quick and efficient way to validate your ideas, gain insightful feedback, and potentially connect with investors. Our barrier-free model encourages transparency, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

We aren’t restricted by themes, instead we welcome innovation across all sectors. Our platform is inclusive and open to all, not just experienced entrepreneurs or connected people.

Moreover, we provide a unique feedback mechanism that offers value to both the idea generators and the voting community. This combination of speed, inclusivity, and feedback is what sets us apart.

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